#10 Sickness and injuries

As a child I don’t remember the times that that I was sick.

One of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard was one that my Dad told me.

He had gone hunting and came home and I was laying on the couch.  I had just gotten a haircut.  It was a crew cut and I had come down with a case of the the mumps!  My father said I looked like fire hydrant just laying there as sick as can be.

He was concerned but there was nothing he could do.  I still laugh when he tells that story.

I’ve had all of your normal illnesses and I don’t really get sick that often but when I do I get really sick!

When I was in high school I wasn’t feeling well. I got really stiff and thought it was the flu. I started to worry when I couldn’t move real well. So my my mother took me to the doctor. I couldn’t move my head and it felt like my body was paralyzed. I had the worst stiff neck and every time I tried to move it was painful.

The doctor told my mom to take me to the emergency room.  I couldn’t sit down because it hurt so bad.  They ran all kinds of tests and x-rays and what they finally did was a spinal tap. Once they did a spinal tap it was confirmed I had spinal encephalitis.

Spinal encephalitis is not contagious but spinal meningitis is.

I was given antibiotics and painkillers and left the hospital after a week.

Two years later I was I got sick again and I had the same thing!

This time I was in hospital for two weeks and had 14 spinal taps!

A year to the day after that I was in the hospital again what they thought was the same thing was a extremely bad case of flu and I was in hospital for a week.

During my junior year of high school my stomach was always hurting. My father took me to the doctor and they recommended that I get a barium enema. It’s just like a colonoscopy but they use barium to line your colon to see what might be wrong.  I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. Diverticulitis is where you have pockets in your colon and seeds, nuts and other things can get trapped and you get an infection. 30 years later I had another attack of diverticulitis and it was probably as painful as a spinal tap.

Other injuries I’ve had were:

I broke my wrist delivering newspapers.

I broke my fingers while driving my bike because I ran into the back of a parked car cause I wasn’t watching where I was going.

I broke my thumb when I was skiing trying to show off.

I got stitches in my ear because I was in a brick fight.

I had stitches in my finger when I had a tumor in it, twice.

The worst injury of all was a herniated disc in my back. I have no idea how it happened but the way noticed it was one day as I was coughing I tried to stand up and couldn’t. I walked like Tim Conway for two years and was in constant state of misery while the Navy was trying to diagnose the problem. Finally one of my good friends recommended a set of x-rays. Not that this hadn’t been done before but this time he took them at a different angle then before and there it was, my herniated L-4 L-5 disk.  I flew to Naples, Italy and this time I pointed this out to the Dr. and finally received an MRI and two years later I had surgery.

They replaced my herniated disc with an artificial disc. It made of titanium and teflon and it’s called the Charite artificial disk.


I’ve stepped off of the boat!!!

This will be a short post but I’ve done it!!

As you can see I have my own self hosted site!!

I’m so excited to see where this will go from here. In the coming weeks the site will be more colorful and some additions will be made but as for now it’s here and this is where you’ll find me!

Thanks for all of you that have supported me!

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