Where has Steve been, and what’s his current story?

Well, for those that missed me I’m back! I took an extended break and now I’m returning to continue my current story.

I’m sure you’re asking, “What is Steve’s story now?”

“Where” I’ve been?  If you didn’t know I work for the USPS. I’ve worked there since I retired from the US Navy.

“What” have I been doing? I’ve been working there for eight plus years now. I work seven days a week for 28-29 days then try to take the last two days off. Some months I work the entire month. That’s why my last blog suffered. I don’t enjoy my current job. I’m grateful for it but it’s not my passion.

“When” will I be posting my current story? I plan on posting every Thursday.

“How” will this current story be different from the past story? My blog up until now was my story from the past. Starting today my story will be my current story which includes fitness. I’m going to be a fitness and nutrition coach and to do that I’m going to blog about that. The blog going forward will almost be like a weekly diary of my current life. I’ll attempt too be a positive as possible. Working at the USPS is very stressful so that might come out in my story. My passion is to help people and being transparent is what I want to be for you.

Who” might resonate with this current story? Anyone who wants an insight to my current fitness journey. Like I said above. I will be a fitness and nutrition coach. In order for me to pursue this passion of mine I want to document my story here.

“Will” I ever continue with my past story? Yes, but not in the distant future, I really want to concentrate with my current story. I understand if you delete your name from my e-mail list because this isn’t the story that you’re looking for. This new story is me doing me.


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