One more year of agony.

As the year progressed I continued to be in agony. It was difficult to walk let alone breathe without pain. I lost my appetite and couldn’t move without shuffling. Remember Tim Conway on the Carol Burnett show? Yes, that was me shuffling along going on the second year. Many x-rays were taken and I saw a few doctors but no one could see what was wrong with me. Until one glorious morning a corpsman that really knew his job sat me down and had me tell him what was going on, from day one until this current appointment.

When we were done he said lets take some x-rays. I told him he was wasting his time but this time we took them in some different positions. On my left side, right, back, and stomach. I had my doubts of what we’d find until we looked at the shots of me laying on my left side with my spine slightly curved.

You could see it as clear as day. My back was messed up. My L-4/L-5 disk was…… herniated. I ask him why no one had seen this before and he just said, “I know how to take x-rays.”

Immediately after that I was scheduled to fly to Naples so that the Navy hospital could confirm his diagnosis. Once they saw what they had missed I was set on another year of physical therapy and steroid shots.

I then met with a doctor that specialized in this type of spinal injury. He flat out told me. What’s going to happen over the next year will not work to make you better. Surgery is the only answer but you must go through all of this before you can have surgery.

With this I had some huge decisions. Where would I go for surgery? What would happen with my family? What about my Navy career? Would I ever be able to go back on aa ship again? So many questions and no answers right now.

Next week: They call me skittles.

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